Monday, June 22, 2009

Cheaper than you think

Most small businesses tend to steer clear of postcard advertising assuming it is simply too expensive for their already tight budget. They tend to look for the cheapest media available which usually leads them to marriage mail. They assume that postage alone will place them well beyond what they can afford. The truth is that the cost is somewhat relative to the return. Then once these business owners discover the secret of bulk mail it changes everything. Bulk mail is exactly like it sounds. In order to qualify you need at least 250 units and a bulk mailing permit. The course to acquire this permit is somewhat tedious and even a bit complicated to comprehend. Then processing your mail to meet all of the requirements can pose even more challenges. Here lies another little secret. There are companies that do all of this for you for a nominal fee (usually .03 to .05 a piece) and simply pass along the bulk mail savings on to you. Postage rates can now be as low as .14 per unit. So now instead of paying .26 just for postage you now can actually pay .17 to .19 a piece and that will often include the price of addressing the piece as well. To really simplify matters you can actually contact companies that literally do everything for you from A to Z. They will Design and print your postcard, order the mailing list for you, apply that list to your postcard and then drop it off at the post office for you. Once you learn these little tricks, Postcard mailings then start to make quite a bit of sense. Good luck with that mailing campaign!